Customer Reviews

I recently ordered, and received the super duty brush Grapple from Jenkins! This thing is extremely well built. It weighs in at around 1500#. Super heavy duty, and exactly as advertised! I’m excited to have it for land clearing. Thanks!

I have purchased 4 attachments last month and was very impressed with the way they treat you before and after you buy from them that I decided to purchase a brush mower and a brush grapple when you call them and ask them questions about their equipment and how things work they are very knowledgeable and more then willing to go above and beyond to explain how everything works I called several other companies and they’re just rude and basically could care less if you buy from them and they get up set when you ask questions about there attachments and all they do is talk bad about other companies!! These guys were great Curt Jenkins took care of me on my last order and he was awesome I can’t wait till I get my brush mower and my brush grapple now days seems like Customer service is gone but not with this company. I will recommend them to every one I know that is looking for skid steer attachments if they give you such great service before you spend your hard earned money with them imagine how they will take care of you when you purchase there attachments so glad I found this company thanks guys for treating me right.

I bought a 74" skeleton bucket for my bobcat S570 about a year ago. Just wanted to let you know how much I like that attachment. It's amazing what I can do with it. Best attachment that I have! Thank you!

Super Duty Brush Grapples – Christiaan LI just wanted to reach back to you all and let you know that I'm super happy with this brush grapple.  This thing is knocking tons of TODOs I have going on around the property.  Check out this stump I was able to load into my dumpster! This thing is a quality product -- maybe even a bit too heavy duty haha!