Customer Reviews

Been meaning to let y’all know the grapple is excellent. Better than described. Great doing business with you guys. Friendly and very responsive.

Backhoe TestimonialBest built backhoe attachment I have found, the box frame makes the boom solid as a rock. Handles great on my smaller 50 hp machine. Digs trenches in a hurry and does everything I expected from it. The guys from Jenkins are great to work with, very accommodating, and shipping is fast. Can't beat the price either!

I bought one of these last year. I highly recommend it. It is amazing. 2 weeks ago, I lost a strap and the grapple flipped off my trailer going 45 mph. The grapple hit and flipped through the air. It bent the right bar that holds the end of the upper part of the ram. But, it still works perfectly. They call them indestructible, I do not know what more I could do to mess that thing up, and it still works. I had to clear a ton of mesquite. I was able to pick up a 2 ft tall tree and the biggest trees I dug. Each time I dropped what I had in the grapple, it was a small pile of its own. I have now cleared around 70 acres of mostly mesquite and have yet needed to pick one up by hand. By far the best attachment I have. By the way, I also bought one of their brush mowers, it too, is awesome. There is no better way to eliminate briar thickets.

I ended up getting your 78" root grapple and the tree/post puller through BDS equipment in Jesup, Iowa. I used it to tear out some fence recently and it was amazing what it would do! I took out the wood/steel posts with the puller easily and then switch over to the grapple and pushed it all into a pile. The grapple works awesome for leveling dirt also!