Customer Reviews

Straight to WorkI picked it up at the shipping terminal and put it straight to work. It's an awesome tool!

I recently purchased a skeleton grapple bucket from Jenkins Iron and Steel. I am very impressed with the quality of materials, workmanship, and the design! Cost was very competitive and shipping was very fast and free! Proud that I bought from a great American Company who earns 5 stars on my review!

I got my Splitter yesterday.  That thing is a beast!  I am impressed, it is built even better than I  expected.  I am very happy with it and would recommend it to anyone especially to people that might have to loan it to their kids since it looks indestructible. The shortfall of it is the learning curve in not being able the see the blade,  But wow! I love the reach as opposed to a side mounted one.  I can see that after I split a few more cords I can get real good with it.  Thanks for the great product!

Finally got to use my 2 yr old 10 ft. snow bucket. We have snow this year. Super happy with this snow bucket, especially for the price. Great job building this.