Stump Bucket Grapple Customer Reviews

Stump bucket GrappleI know your products see a lot worse conditions than mine, but I had to send these photos on how well your bucket works. My soft maples had developed exposed roots along my curb.   This kept me from edging the curb and making the lawn look trimmed up.  There were lots of small feeders and some that were probably 2-1/2” in diameter.    The big ones like that, were too much to lift out, but with ease, I was able to go under them, close the clam and back up and rip them out like butter.  You can see in a picture where I ripped out a whole bundle of small tangled roots.   When I did that, about a million uses popped into my head on what else I could use the grapple for.   I can’t imagine ordering a stump bucket without the clam shell.   What a tool. Then you can see where I used the teeth to edge the dirt down along the curb and look for other roots.   Now those areas can dry out and we can start get the lawn ready for some new black dirt and grass.

Stump Bucket Grapple TestimonialI just want to say that since I recently purchased a stump bucket with the grapple from you, I have been most impressed! I love the function of your equipment! I am still learning and getting better at using the equipment. I am realizing that the equipment has more potential than I thought! I recently dug out a huge stump and realized that it seems that I am the only limit. I used the grapple to easily bite out root infested dirt. I use the grapple to hold trees while I cut them, no problem! I trust your equipment and am ready to buy more. I think the quality is high and the prices are reasonable.